One Heck of a Ride !!!!!

There are moments as a photographer which are rare, that while your shooting you also realize that your part of something special. Last night was one of those extraordinary times. Standing just a few feet from Mariano as he sat in the dugout alone, I consciously told myself to soak this one in,  I not only want to to show my son the photographs one day, I want to be able to describe to him that feeling I had. That silence of a full stadium, an iconic individual breathing his last few seconds as a professional athlete, a Yankee legend, a future hall of famer reflecting on a storybook career. Amongst the silence, all you heard were the sounds of clicking cameras.  I’ll always remember how privileged it was to be part of a historic occasion. While clicking away, I too was able to reflect how many great nights this man gave to all of us. He was simply the best of what he did; no one has or ever will have his kind of career. He gave us all a great ride and personally gave me many rememerable October nights that I will never forget. He not only was the greatest of what he did, he also carried himself better than any player I’ve ever seen. The word idol is thrown around way to often, but Mariano is the true definition of the word. If there were ever someone you want your child to emulate, it would be MO. I only dealt with him personally a few times and was always gracious.  He was always thanked everyone, it didn’t matter who you were.


As Jeter and Pettitte came out to the mound to take Mariano out I got choked up, it would be hard to believe that there will be another era like this one. For almost two decades I got to share and be part of such a magnificent journey. As Mo walked off the mound, it was the unofficial end of an incredible trip, all that’s left are memories

but thanks to Mo there’s many of them……….

Tampa Bay Rays v. New York YankeesTampa Bay Rays v. New York YankeesTampa Bay Rays v. New York YankeesTampa Bay Rays v. New York YankeesTampa Bay Rays v. New York YankeesCleveland Indians  v New York Yankees2003421013BOSNYYBaltimore Orioles v New York YankeesTampa Bay Rays  v New York Yankees2009 World Series Game SixNew York Yankees Victory Parade2009 World Series Game Two


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