I’m a sucker for Baseball

What can I say, I’m a sucker for baseball………I watch less sports than I used to, I have more interests in my older age, I have an 8 month old son that I can’t seem to get enough of. I wonder each winter will I care about spring training?  Another year and that same feeling remains, maybe it’s the methodical pace of the game, or the sounds of wood hitting a ball and pounding leather, fresh mowed grass that grounds keepers anally try keep up to perfection.

As those dark, dreary winter months drag painstakingly on, the phrase of “this many days til pitchers and catchers” becomes a reality. The moment you walk towards a ball field on a crisp February morning in Arizona or Florida and hear those wonderful noises, it all just makes sense, there something right about this. It’s the one season I most look forward to. Everyone’s in a good mood, players are laughing and very accessible to the sounds of a motor drive, fans of all ages are getting their autographs and getting up close to their heroes. All the negative stories seem to disappear around this time and all the good about this game comes to life. Another spring is in the books, I tell everyone who hasn’t spent some time walking around major league spring training camp, that it’s the best baseball experience you’ll ever have.

Kansas City Royals Photo DayArizona Diamondbacks Photo Day130228_STRAINING_0120130227_STRAINING_0574130228_STRAINING_0445130227_STRAINING_1474130227_STRAINING_0830Chicago White Sox Photo Day TOPPSChicago Cubs v Los Angeles Dodgers130226_STRAINING_2702Arizona Diamondbacks Photo Day130228_STRAINING_0298130228_STRAINING_0220130227_STRAINING_1664130228_STRAINING_0005130228_STRAINING_0680


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