ESPN the Magazines third One Day, One Game featuring the LSU Tigers versus the Alabama Crimson Tide

ESPN the Magazines third One Day, One Game featuring the LSU Tigers versus the Alabama Crimson Tide

I’ve been fortunate to cover my second ODOG and was joined by 12 other photographers in Baton Rouge along with other magazine crew. This is an awesome assignment, it’s like a school project on steroids. The production and needs for this particular assignment was unmatched, not only were we shooting for the print magazine but also a timely online gallery that was being fed throughout the day. My assignment was to concentrate on LSU and anything else that looked cool. 7:00 am call time for a 7:30 game, Basically no rules, shoot, shoot and keep shooting. Tired, no chance………12 other guys were running around making great images, seeing these different visions throughout the day was inspiring to say the least. One of my highlights was being able to shoot in the LSU locker room before the game, having this kind of rare access before such a huge game was beyond awesome. It was more quiet than I thought it would be, guys were just sitting on folding chairs with towels over there head. It was surreal. Then the doors opened and the sound of 90,000 fans erupted. Alabama came from behind on a last minute drive for the win. It would have been nice for LSU to upset Alabama, but it wasn’t to be. It was still a great game and a top 10 shooting experience in my book, I can now cross off a night game in LSU off my bucket list. I was happy with the take, honestly it was hard not to make good photos, the setting, the LSU fans, the color and magnitude of the event was as good as it gets. A few days later, It was nice to get the call from Jim Surber that I got the cover, I normally don’t shoot for covers, but it’s nice to here that phrase every once in a while.

These assignments that I’ve been a part of for ESPN are so rare these days. No one else is trying to pull this off. It’s the coolest shoot I’ve ever participated in, I can only think of how many photographers would want to be in my shoes and how fortunate I am to be included. A huge thanks goes out to the ESPN creative team of John Korpics, Karen Frank, Jim Surber, Nick Galac, Stephanie Weed, and Devon O’Rourke. This was a huge production with many moving parts and worked to perfection.

Alabama v LSU

Alabama v LSUAlabama v LSUAlabama v LSUAlabama v LSUAlabama v LSUAlabama v LSUAlabama v LSUAlabama v LSUAlabama v LSU


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